Jockenhöfer world of living: home furniture made with passion

We have been developing and producing home furniture for over 80 years—simply because we enjoy doing so.

We have a passion for home and bedroom furniture which is both trendy and practical. Our range of furniture is comprised of products which offer the customer special added value.

We have a particular passion for upholstered furniture with attractive yet functional designs.

  • Generously dimensioned seating ensembles for sleeping and relaxing, including storage space
  • Sofa beds with all the comfort of a box spring bed
  • Box spring beds with complementary bed systems for a restful night’s sleep
  • Upholstered beds
  • Futon beds

We round off our range with a comprehensive collection of tables, chairs, benches, TV armchairs and recliner chairs.

We have the same high demands on quality for all our products, something which is monitored by our “the princess and the pea” standard, based on a fairytale famous all over the world for its appreciation of true sleeping and seating comfort.